Back and Better than Ever: Story Mode Season 4 Out Now!

After two years of hard work writing and developing, Season 4 of The Money Wise Game Story Mode is ready to play across all devices! 


Over the past year, we at Dot Dot Fire have been working hard to bring you an updated Money Wise Game with a fresh interface and all-new graphics. But one thing was still missing... where was Ali? 


If you're one of our over half a million Story Mode players worldwide, chances are you've been awaiting the arrival of Story Mode Season 4 for a really long time! The last time you caught up with Ali, the main character of Story Mode, they were juggling their part-time job, soccer team responsibilities, schoolwork, and even learning to drive or saving up for a car! 


Illustration of a group of graduating students throwing their caps in the air

How will you manage Ali's life as they prepare for life after High School Graduation in Story Mode Season 4? 


Now, after two years, the fourth and final chapter of Ali's Story is playable across Android, iOS, and Chromebook! In Season 4, Ali's wide array of choices expand even more as they begin to think about the future after high school. Will Ali go into further education and get a degree? Will they get a promotion and just start working? Will they take a gap year? It is up to you to decide! Along the way, you'll also help out your friends Alex, Dakota, Jordan, and Toby, make wise decisions about their futures too. And now, with new shops to unlock and neighbors in need of help, increasing your NeighborMood score will be a whole new challenge. Wayde City is waiting for you! Get started on Ali's next adventure today!


What will the future hold? Download the Money Wise Game and see for yourself!