TIME FM FEATURE: Radio Coverage of Dot Dot Fire's Money Wise Challenge 2023

Our London Money Wise Challenge 2023, hosted at ExCel London, was our biggest and best Money Wise Challenge yet. Over 600 students from 90 schools and 20 London Boroughs joined us at the Platinum Suite, where they competed to become Money Wise Champions using our award-winning Money Wise Game. 


Students Play Money Wise Game at London Money Wise Challenge 2023. Students Play Money Wise Game at London Money Wise Challenge 2023. Photo by Liz Isles Photography. 


We are delighted to announce that Time FM, a leading radio station serving East London, has covered the success of our event live this week as students begin celebrating the start of summer and bring their Money Wise Trophies back to their schools. 


Here is a snippet from the Time FM coverage: 


"Havering students have been tackling the cost of living at a giant e-gaming competition at the ExCel Centre in London. 700 children from 20 boroughs competed in the Money Wise Challenge, a competition aimed at teaching them essential financial skills. Children from the Cooper's Company and Coborn school in Upminster, and from Barking and Dagenham College, were among those involved." 


We wish to thank Time FM for covering our story, and can't wait to reach new heights with future Money Wise Challenges in the months to come!