FE NEWS FEATURE: "Students Help with Giant eGaming Competition"

Our recent Money Wise Challenge 2023 would not have been the overwhelming success it was without the support of the 10 Barking and Dagenham College students, who gave their time and effort for the cause, making the Money Wise Challenge spectacular and gaining valuable work experience in the process.


Barking and Dagenham College Students at the Money Wise Challenge 2023.

Barking and Dagenham College Students Gained Work Experience at the London Money Wise Challenge 2023. Photo by Liz Isles Photography. 


We are thrilled to see that FE News has featured a story on the BDC students who helped make the event a success, and showcased the work experience opportunities that volunteering with Dot Dot Fire can provide. BDC students took on a variety of roles, from challenge invigilation and video production all the way to lighting and sound work. They also played a key role in creating an immersive world for competing students, as they joined the Dot Dot Fire team in full costume, acting as helpful citizens in the futuristic London city the Money Wise Challenge was set in. 


It was truly an honour to work with students from Barking and Dagenham College, and seeing them thrive and enjoy themselves while offering vital financial learning to younger people was a joy to witness. Indeed, the article includes testimony from several student volunteers, who gave stellar feedback about the experience. 


Here is a short snippet from the FE News feature:


"Katie Brett, 20, from Dagenham, production arts student commented: 'I've really enjoyed the experience. I got to help set everything up and, on the day, I was an invigilator. We all got to wear costumes which I really loved, and we helped with any problems the competitors might have. I want to get into live or film set production, so this has been a good experience.'" 



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