Money Wise Challenge™

An effortless way to kickstart finance education

Could your pupils be money-wise champions? Join the Dot Dot Fire Money Wise Challenge™ – the first game-based personal finance competition in the UK!
Put your pupils’ financial knowledge to the test and get them talking about money. Using the 2021 Educational Game of the Year*, The NeighborMood, pupils deuce it out against teams from other schools by speed-answering questions on personal finance topics. Kickstart their personal finance journey with a one-of-a-kind extracurricular achievement!

UK's first game-based personal finance competition

  • Free of charge
  • Open to KS2 – KS5
  • Covers PSHE and Citizenship learning targets
  • Play on Chromebook, Android tablet, iPad or mobile phone
  • Educational, technological and fun!


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Recent event highlights

The Money Wise Challenge™ Newham 2022. (London)

Bring us to your classroom today!
We believe every youth has the right to financial freedom. The Dot Dot Fire Money Wise Challenge™ is free of charge, as part of our mission to inspire financially savvy youths across the country.

The Money Wise Challenge™ is an effortless way to introduce personal finance education, and aims to elevate the financial and digital literacy of young people through a fresh and educational approach to gaming. The fun and interactive gaming experience will be one that pupils remember!

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*2021 Educational Game of the Year awarded by the The Institute for Financial Literacy (USA).